Week 2

Ereaders have become a sensation in recent times, through tools such as iPad and the Kindle. Now people are starting to take this one tool instead of many papers that make their bags heavy. I am one of these people, taking around my iPad everywhere using it as a book, notepad and gaming station. For myself, the emergence of the iPad was lifesaving, as I did not enjoy taking around 20 lecture notes to university everyday. With the iPad next to me, it is light, portable, and my notes are easily foundable through the search tool. The rise of these ereaders have certainly changed the lifestyle of some people. However, through my own research I have found out that still most people like to have the hard copy with them, to scribble notes by hand-writing and not by typing. This was very interesting, as the people still preferred the old way of publishing. This finding lead me to a conclusion that creation of new technology still has not much of an impact on the publishing sector, as people stll crave for the humanly touch that they are used to having.


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