Week 5

The archivist produces more archive, and that is why the archive is never closed. It opens out of the future (From Archive Fever by Jacques Derrida). So, an archive is considered to be storing information somehow so it can be accessed later on. When I first heard the term ‘Archive’ before reading the readings, I had a brief idea that it was a book or something similar that is very old and was stored with dust all over it in the first floor of the main library. However I realised now that everything I publish becomes an archive. Facebook statuses of mine have become archives. Tweets have become archives. This blog post when published will become an archive. After reading ‘Archive Fever: A love letter to the post real-time web’ by Matthew Ogle, it has come to me that the modern day people have become enslaved to archiving through facebook and twitter. We post our thoughts everywhere without even thinking, thus filling the internet with low quality archives.


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